Sunday, October 13, 2013

College Application Tips

1. Allow enough time for you to plan. 

2. Know what the application requirements are for each school.
-Check for application requirements on each school's website.

3. Look for ways to share the same information among multiple schools.
Once you know what each college on your list requires, you can determine what opportunities you have to "do it once" and "use it twice or more." The Common Application allows students to share some information just once while applying to multiple schools.

4. Take one application at a time. 
-Don't stress yourself out! Remember quality not quantity, so take it one at a time in order to create your best application.

5. Beat the submission deadlines by one to two weeks.
-Colleges have very STRICT deadlines and often times will not accept any applications after the deadline, so give yourself some time just in case something unexpected happens such as a computer malfunction or an illness.

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